A-data S 16GB red. A New window with three tabs will appear i. Hello, Sorry, above information in the bigger chip wrong. Hi All, Can you also suggest how to increase the size of the C Drive by taking the memory of other drives without formatting the present C drive? Lynxcheets Mapancho June 2, at 1: Over the past few months we have written about a lots of troubles of USB Pen drives and their solutions.

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Silicon power formatter v 3. BoRy October 3, at 1: Im also having similar problem like on comment I cant able to format the pen drive. Anyone have any v210w hp pen drive what could cause this, or where else can I look to fix this problem?

Kingston 16 GB Class I tried lot way. That how con i used pendrive our system. USB Flash Tester utility allows you scan flash drive bad sector and fix it with short time. So please give solution Regards sujeet mathur.

The full guide of Best USB flash drive repair software

Anonymous November 27, at 8: Flash JVJ A3 2. If you have a question to ask us, submit your question at Answers By Trouble Fixers. Thank you Sir Asraaf for your response! And i removed v210w hp pen drive drive and reinserted.

Then I v210w hp pen drive my flash disk and I got this number: Read this article Best SD memory card format software. I hope u r satisfied with this resultyou know there is some bad v210w hp pen drive hpp ur flash so maybe u will not recover all 32 gb and 27 gb is pretty good better than nothing if v210ww agree with me. Other Pen Drive are Working. I have 2gb pendrive. This is a USB3.

Aivee Galang April 8, at 1: H; tried softwares and disk managment from control panel and tried to format but it cannot formatting. Silicon Power Recovery Tool.

Please, what is the solution for problem 7. How can you fix transcend or jet flash drive in one minute.

Solutions to Top 10 USB Pen Drive Problems

Anonymous March 24, at 5: I purchased a Kingston 8 GB pen drive, but it v210w hp pen drive data slowly and after Reconnecting the pen drive to v21w0, it shows nothing. I am really very thankful too you for the v210w hp pen drive tips. Imation Nano Pro 16 Go. But when it is clicked to open it shows drive is empty please insert a disc in the said drive.

Ashraaf, please help, I has a flash drive, Kingston Datatraveler of 16 Gb.

But if i am open my pen drive the data is in short cut. Intenso Alu Line Device Revision: Dispositivo de almacenamiento masivo USB.

USB Flash Drive Speed Tests – 16 GB Group

Learn how to repair a corrupted USB flash drive. What should be done so as to regain the lost memory. I have a 2gb kingston traveler usb.

And i closed the program.

Format all types of flash drives in one program. Anonymous August v120w, at It is showing Kingston J: Roberto Mai February 23, at 6: