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Jaspal Rana is associated with which of the following games? Which premium international range of luggage was recently launched in India by BlowPlast? Modern Indo-Aryan languages are based on an ancient language called.

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xmat If the natural numbers starting from 1 are written one after the other to form a digit number, then what will be the last digit of the resultant number? You May Read This: Mark the answer using the following instructions: Rs Rs Rs Rs Answer: Which year was this?

Download free study material for Quantitative Aptitude at jagranjosh. Lance Armstrong, a sportsperson of international repute, belongs to which of the following countries?

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Read these directions carefully and answer the questions by darkening the appropriate circles on the Answer Sheet. For more details you must visit the below section of this page to get previous year CMAT papers. Ptaff Bropher Kenstar Singer The main purpose of using a large number of cotton bales in the mixing is to: Every correct answer carries 4 marks and 1 mark is deducted for each incorrect answer.

The largest number exceeds the smallest number by Once you get the syllabus for the exam it is downlod to start your preparation for the exam.

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Swimming Archery Shooting Weightlifting Answer: Rs 1,56, Rs 1,60, Rs 1,68, Rs 1,70, Answer: Ten years ago, the ratio of their ages was 7: You may also follow us on Facebook or Google Plus to get most recent information on your timeline wall directly. First four questions have 4 options each and the remaining 3 questions have 5 options each. Shiv Nadar is previouss Chairman of which of the following groups of companies? Each question carries 2 ptevious.

Mark d if the question cannot be answered even by using both the prevjous together. The ratio of the present age of a mother to that of her daughter is 9: Henry Ford revolutionised the car market with the first mass- produced car, the Ford Model T.

A guide for the right choice. Mark a if the question ca n be answered by using statement I alone, but not by using statement II alone.

Option 2 Read Also: Your number will not be shared with anyone. What was the final amount received by him? To apply for this exam the candidates must pursue bachelor degree from an approved university or college.

MedhaPatkar is associated with the. Preparing for the exam is very important in the case of both competitive exam and these kinds of entrance exams. What is the probability of getting a sum which is more than 15?

CMAT previous papers will get you know fair idea about how the exam will be. If one of the students was 14 years old, what was the age in years of the second student? The average of 5 numbers downlad How to Prepare for Written Exam.